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Location: Musa Slaughter, Agbor, Delta State.
Woman 1: How much last? (flips meat over)
Seller: cow head cost well well. Just buy ordinary meat, take this one for 5000.

(A conversation between a meat seller and a buyer. Beef is one of the most common meat types in Nigeria. Maybe not expensive when it is cut up in chunks but believe me, it is worth a lot, whole)

So how did we get here? The food chain places humans above cows. We eat the cows, we shit them. Our shit sometimes finds it way to the bushes, the grasses, the vegetation, and another cow eats the grass. They eat nothing special, nothing extra spiced and prepared with love, we do. So how did we get here? A whole cow costs about 60,000 to 150,000 naira depending on size. How much am I worth? If I was placed on a table, for sale, how much would you buy me?
Probably for nothing! Because that is what the human life is worth in Nigeria, in Plateau at least. Plateau state is at war, a war it never consented to.
Do you know why heart…
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this is how you heal

This is how you heal, .....    you drink, the froth, ... inhale, the confusion
This is how I healed, When my lover ...... Left me ... I drank, the froth, the dregs, the flies and their wings.
I drunked on a debt Of happiness.

This is how you heal when your lover leaves you,
... You never 
Especially when you loved them and they tissued you, When the flame was low. 

Dear John

He'd come home every night and sneak into his room, snoring within a minute. He'd stay away all day, abandoning work, the home, me. On some days, he'd eat the food packed for him, on other days, he'd be too filled with 'her', to eat my food.

I'd often wonder where I  went wrong. Was I not a good cook? Did I do something that pushed him away? Was I a bad friend? Questions that formed bridges to nothingness. Questions that led me to misery.

Maybe two months was too short a time. Maybe I should have waited a little longer before deciding to bring him home to live with me, but I was hooked at the moment and he was too. Then slowly, John began to drift away. He slowly began to develop a friendship with Betty, which I didn't mind. I had never been the jealous type until a few minutes with her began to turn into hours, and then days.

Am I being unnecessarily jealous? I know that male dogs are known to wander a lot, but I never knew John would make a habit of …


Bar nights, make the table happy,
Drinks on me! 
Clown a little, clown more
Make the table happy.

Even clowns need love too.

1:27 AM, Clown needs love tonight.

The easiest thing for a sad man,
Is to evoke happiness
Not for himself, for humanity.

Even clowns need love too.
The laughter swims away,
The darkness remains, the pain
        .,. ... The responsibility of another day

                      To curing others of the illness
That will kill you tomorrow.

Clowns need love too.


Monday morning, office set. I strut majestically to the bus stop. I can sense it, it will be a wonderful week. I am on time unlike my usual self, my heels are super comfortable and my mirror gave me wonderful news this morning. My bumbum looked two times bigger and I was super glad. Now, nothing could bring me down! As I kept walking, I was the center of attraction, people kept looking at my behind and I was glad that I did those squat exercises regularly.
7:32 and I am at work. I walk in effortlessly happy and flip my hair to announce my arrival. Everyone looks at my backside as I walk by and I am elated. Some people laugh, bad belle people, but I am unbothered. As I get ready to settle on my table, Anita drags me to the side.
"Girl, you're stained," she says.
I gasp and do a quick visual recap. People had been looking at me, shaking my nonexistent big backside because it was stained! I quickly run to the ladies room to get a glimpse of the stain.

Extra embarrassin…

Station Chronicles

Injustice! I hate injustice with every inch of my hair! I will never understand why people choose to cut corners and cheat their fellow humans. Dear readers, I want to take you along this walk today. We are going to fight against corruption! We are going to report injustice! We are going to the station!
I recently did business with someone, Mr Xyz and he thought he could play smart and outsmart me. Imagine, outsmart me with this my 'Energy Saver' brain. After purchasing and paying for a product, I got home to realize that I was not given correct change. I put on my shoe and headed for the station.
Yes, one person must vomit my money. Hard earned cash. As soon as I got to the station, I presented my case to the fuel attendant. Yes, fuel station oh, not Police station. Who get power for Police?
I went to the fuel attendant and protested. I told him corruption was a very bad thing to do and he looked at me in a puzzled way. I had to explain to him that he had given me change sho…


She had few words for humans
 Fewer, for men
A little more, for women

Hair, lipstick and physique ,
She would compliment her fellows
And so, her sexuality, men critiqued

"she loves me not, damned harlot"
"She loves men not, damned lesbian"
On an on, they cussed, a lot.

I liked men, too much for one lifetime

But I never fancied a man
Too stupid to accept a NO
And debate the bedding of my bed, by his clan